Collects & analyses

ProfilePerformance collects and analyses qualitative, industry specific market insights from the largest companies across the Nordics.


Specialized staff

All qualitative interviews are conducted and analyzed by our industry-specialized staff and quality management.


Future trends

The share amount of interviews from large organizations create a foundation for accurate predictions on future trends and industry-specific tendencies.


Who are we?

ProfilePerformance is an European organization with Nordic head office in Denmark and CATI-facilities in both Denmark and Spain.

We thrive to empower our customers’ business processes through providing them with solid data on which they can act on both operational, tactical and strategic levels throughout their organization.

To ensure validity and quality of our data, our staff is specifically trained in the individual customer’s needs, the purpose of the data collection and on how the data is going to be implemented for use in our customer’s organization.

CATI setup

Our CATI-Setup creates the foundation on which complex and industry specific data can be collected, processed and analyzed

It ensures the technological framework on which our interviewers can collect data
It ensures that all important data inputs are saved
It makes space for our interviewers to gather additional information and save it
It allows for specific segments and accounts to be analyzed and prioritized before other

At our offices in Denmark and Spain our Nordic CATI team is ready to gather industry specific business intelligence across the Nordics. We continuously ensure the quality of our projects and allocates both a project manager to run the project and a quality manager to, personally, go through all information gathered.

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Are you ready to open new markets in Europe, and thrives to create win-win scenarios?

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Are you performance driven and thrive to create win-win scenarios for our business partners?


Are you performance driven and thrive to create win-win scenarios for our business partners?